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  • LR THE HOUSE cover
  • Photographer Karin Borghouts' own parental home was destroyed by a fire. Despite the feelings of grief, chaos and irrevocability, Borghouts became fascinated by the beauty that the destruction had left behind. Her intuitive decision to capture the charred interior at that moment led to a series of haunting and moving images.
    After a first artist edition that sold out quickly, it is time for an even more extensive book with existing but also unpublished photos.

    Release 13 May 2021

    The House

    94 pages
    Softcover, Swiss bind
    24 x 30 cm
    57 photographs by Karin Borghouts
    Graphic design by Jean-Michel Meyers
    Text by Eric Min (NL, FR, ENG)
    Quotations by Paul de Moor (NL, FR, ENG)
    SNOECK publishers
    Printed by Graphius, Belgium
    ISBN: 978-9-4616-1674-6
    Release May 13, 2021

    25 euro

    Look here for the special edition BOOK + PRINT (195 euro)