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Karin Borghouts photographed animal models, replicas, casts and specimens from different university collections. Borghouts was struck by the formal beauty of these bizarre remnants of deceased animals, which are transformed into objects of study. To take them out of their fixed context and do justice to their alienated beauty, Borghouts photographed the objects against pink, mint green and turquoise backgrounds. In doing so, Borghouts retains the remnants of an existence, and breathes life into them by awarding them the special status of artwork. Thanks to the GUM Universitymuseum Ghent and Aquarium-Muséum Liège, Belgium.

2009 A first series ‘Study objects’ was made for an exhibition in the Library of Art sciences of the University Ghent Belgium (Boekentoren) (in collaboration with two museums of the University Ghent). Look here.

2010 The skeleton 'Night Walk' was made for a group exhibition in Ostend Belgium within the framework of a James Ensor celebration in 2010.

2015 Karin Borghouts created the series ‘Rigor Mortis” for the groupexhibition POST MORTEM Art after Death in Ghent (in collaboration with the University Ghent). UGent, Rommelaere Instituut, Ghent, Belgium.

2010 Solo exhibition ‘Sans vie, Natura Artis Magistra’, Les Brasseurs/l’Annexe , Liège, Belgium
2013 Group exhibition 'Vanitas Revisited', Gallery Ronny Van de Velde Knokke
2015 Group exhibition 'Post Mortem', Rommelaere Instituut, Ghent BE.
2017 Group exhibition ‘Nucleus’ (Noorderlicht Fotofestival) in Groningen NL
2017 Group exhibition ‘The Beauty and the Beast’ at Kasteel d’Ursel Hingene (BE)
2019 Group exhibition ‘Creatures Made to Measure - Animals and Contemporary Design’ at Designmuseum Ghent (BE)
2019-2020 Group exhibition 'Kunst aan zet' - Gallery De Mijlpaal Heusden-Zolder and Knokke
2020 Group exhibition 'Commedia dell'Arte - Gallery De Mijlpaal Heusden-Zolder (BE)
2023 Group exhibition Wunderkammer Gallery Ronny Van de Velde - M HKA (Inbox) Antwerp (BE)

Archival pigment prints available. Contact.

  • Series Paris Impasse © Karin Borghouts


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  • Series 'A painter's house' © Karin Borghouts, 2017


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  • Vincent was here, Church Auvers sur Oise, 65 x 50 cm © Karin Borghouts, 2017


    Vincent was here

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