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This photographic project started in the spring of 2020, the year of the corona. For this photographic project Karin Borghouts began by asking people in her street if she could photograph a space in their home without them being there. It had to be a room or space where they were doing something. Something that they were completely occupied with, something that they were absorbed in. It could be a hobby, a collection, their craft. What a surprising journey that was each time! These different universes, workplaces that often reflect a whole life. Collecting all kinds of things as an involuntary and inescapable expression of seeing a value, a soul, in everything. The Flemish equivalent of the Japanese Wabi-Sabi and Mottainai. The urge to revive things. The pictures invite you to look at them slowly. Take your time to see all the details. A photography book with about 60 photos is planned.

  • Le gardien des Titans du Domaine du Levant à Cuesmes © Karin Borghouts, 2024


    Au Borinage

    The Borinage, South-West of Mons in Belgium, was one of the most inspiring regions that Karin Borghouts visited as part…

  • Series Paris Impasse © Karin Borghouts


    Paris Impasse

    Paris has about 600 cul de sacs, cités, villas and squares: streets that end in a dead end. Cul-de-sacs. Within…

  • Series 'A painter's house' © Karin Borghouts, 2017


    A Painter's House

    After his death, the house of the painter Marten Melsen (1870-1947) was inhabited by his unmarried daughters and son. The…

  • The house, archival pigment print 65 x 52 cm ©KBorghouts


    The House - Het huis

    A fire destroys the family home of photographer Karin Borghouts. The event causes a shock and a wake of all…