The Last Journey
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De laatste reis / The Final Journey


The home, the place where we can safely retreat. It is also the place where our identity becomes visible. Interiors are a favorite subject for photographer Karin Borghouts. The interior of a loved one who has passed away. Sometimes it is difficult to part with it. Karin received an assignment from a passionate art lover and collector whose mother passed away. She photographed the interior of this woman who lived to be 94 and whose home remained untouched by her son and daughter after her death. The interior is very recognizable to her generation. For the commissioner, these photographs not only form a beautiful memory, but the series has also become an artistic document of a time that is softly, but irrevocably, fading and finally disappearing. This series consists of 11 photos that were bundled in a handmade textile box. The title 'The Final Journey' (De laatste reis) is a reference to what this old woman sometimes said: 'Someday I will travel on my own and will never return'.

Photography & concept Karin Borghouts
11 archival pigment prints on Hähnemuhle Baryta paper 40 x 50 cm by Milo-Profi photolab
Textile map by Jansen Boekbinderij

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