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  • NOVA 1639 1641 20150608220137
  • Portraits and stories of foreign people living in Antwerp BE. ‘Bindingen’ is a project of some teachers of Stedelijk Centrum voor Volwassenenonderwijs Sité, Antwerpen (BE) and a groupwork. Karin Borghouts photographed the people learning Dutch. They were asked to bring an object from their homeland. Exhibition February 8 > March 16, 2013. Book available.
    This exhibition was on view in Antwerp Belgium in the sixties architecture building of co Nova, Kiel Antwerp. There were also small presentatons in FoMu, MoMu, Permeke, Atlas and BNP-Paribas Antwerp.
    With the support of vzw Cité and the city of Antwerp. Exhibitiondesign by Hendrik De Leeuw.