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  • Cover A Painters House
  • The house of the artist Marten Melsen (1887-1947) remained in its original state after his death. His two unmarried daughters and one of his sons continued to live in it and kept the house and the studio like it was. Karin Borghouts had the first opportunity to visit and photograph this special house in 2017. In 2022, she took new photos and is even more convinced that this authentic artist's home should not be lost.
    The house is still preserved thanks to the Marten Melsen Foundation. Monumentenwacht Vlaanderen has documented the house. Preservation, maintenance and opening up of the house are very much needed.

    Through her art painter's education, and inspired by a beautiful light, Karin Borghouts knows how to unveil this photogenic environment with a special and empathic sensitivity.

    It is the second book in her new collector's concept. The first book is THE HOUSE published in spring 2021. The concept consists of a series about houses with a soul and a link to painting.

    94 pages
    Softcover, Swiss binding
    24 x 30 cm
    70 photographs by Karin Borghouts
    Graphic design by Jean-Michel Meyers
    Text by Jan H. Melsen, grandson of the painter Marten Melsen (NL, FR, ENG)
    SNOECK publishers
    ISBN 978-9-4616-1834-4

    25 euro

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