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Photobook and exhibition Antwerpen, stad verbeeld

9 October 2016

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  • A new photo artbook about Antwerp, historical city and port in Belgium, is published in Octobre 2016 initiated by the art dealers Ronny and Jessy Van de Velde. Karin Borghouts got the commission to photograph the center of Antwerp in interiors, buildings, streets and squares. The book Antwerpen, stad verbeeld is published together with a book with the oldest photographs of the lost city of Antwerp, verloren stad 1860-1880 by Edmond Fierlants, Florent Joostens and others.These two extraordinary big photobooks are of a high level image quality and both containing full page photographs. The books are published by Ronny Van de Velde in cooperation with Ludion.

    EXHIBITION with old vintage photographs by Edmond Fierlants and new photographs by Karin Borghouts
    Octobre 13 - December 4, 2016
    Open on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 2 - 6 pm (also on 11/11)
    Rossaert, Nosestraat 7 (near to Veemarkt and St.-Paulus church), 2000 Antwerp Belgium

    fotografie Karin Borghouts
    25 x 33 cm, 336 pages, 215 photographs
    Prologue by Ludo Bekkers
    39,90 euro
    ISBN 978-94-9181-966-7
    Available in Rossaert, in bookshops or online (SOLD OUT)
    A de luxe edition with a signed and numbered archival pigment print is available in Rossaert

    25 x 33 cm, 364 pages, 230 old photographs by Edmond Fierlants, Florent Joostens and others, old map
    Text by Jan Ceuleers
    39,90 euro
    Available in Rossaert, in bookshops or online (SOLD OUT)

    Antwerpen, stad verbeeld (‘Antwerp, A City Depicted’) forms a diptych with Antwerpen, verloren stad (‘Antwerp, Lost City’). Where the first part takes us on a journey through Antwerp at the end of the nineteenth century, just before the city walls were demolished, this book focuses on how today’s city relates to its past. The photographer Karin Borghouts walks us through the present city centre, from the Central Station to the Zuid and Eilandje districts. She looks primarily at the historic buildings and their interiors, which have been substantially restored or even reconstructed. Are the restored buildings from the illustrious past still authentic? Or are they merely a kind of stage set? This ambiguity – a city in which history seems mostly to be about appearances – is expressed in the photographs and encourages thoughtful viewing. This beautiful photo book, with over 200 full-page images, makes the reader look at familiar Antwerp buildings, squares and streets in a different way, while also introducing some new and surprising places.

    atv 09.10.2016

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