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KMSKA is open


  • LR KMSKA J7 A9735 Pano
  • The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA) reopened on September 24, 2022 after an 11-year renovation and new build. Karin Borghouts has been the official site photographer since 2011. Her photos can be seen in the exhibition "The Making Of" curated by KMSKA in collaboration with KAAN architects. They were compiled in the book "KMSKA Het Schoonste Museum - The Finest Museum - Le Musée Merveilleux" published by Hannibal Books.

    Tickets: KMSKA.BE

    Book KMSKA The Finest Museum - Het Schoonste Museum - Le Musée Merveilleux
    A special edition, signed and numbered book + signed and numbered archival pigment print is available in the KMSKA shop or online (only 36 books, choice of 3 prints).

    Leopold De Waelplaats 2
    2000 Antwerp

  • KMSKA  'Madonna', Jean Fouquet, ©Karin Borghouts


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  • KMSKA ©Karin Borghouts


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  • Paris Impasse, 10 arr. Cité Saint-Martin © Karin Borghouts


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  • Cover A Painters House


    Nieuw boek 'A PAINTER'S HOUSE'

    Verschenen op 11 september 2022. Een persoonlijk project van Karin Borghouts. De kunstschilder Marten Melsen (1870-1947) was van Brusselse…