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Book Museum De Lakenhal

12 April 2019

  • Omslag Museumboek
  • New book Museum De Lakenhal at Leiden (NL) about the building, the collection and the history of the museum.
    47 pages with photographs by Karin Borghouts about the renovation of the museum.
    The Museum reopens at June 20, 2019 with - among others - a solo exhibition of Karin Borghouts in the new exhibition room.
    Text in Dutch by Meta Knol, Aukje Vergeest, Jori Zijlmans, met bijdragen van Jori Zijlmans, Doris Wintgens, Nicole Roepers, Prosper de Jong, Christiaan Vogelaar, Frank de Hoog, Willemijn Zwikstra, Guido Steenmeijer, Durkje van der Wal, HappelCornelisse Verhoeven Architecten. With support from Vereniging van Belangstellenden in Museum De Lakenhal.
    Design: Karen Polder
    Photography: Karin Borghouts
    Hardcover, illustrated 344 pages, 21,6 x 28,8 cm
    ISBN 978-94-6208-490-2
    Order here NAi
    € 49,95

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