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Au Borinage - New exhibition

22/6 - 13/10/2024

  • Karin Borghouts Levantde Flenu
  • From 22 June to 13 October 2024, a brand new photographic exhibition can be visited in the Borinage's two Van Gogh houses: La Maison Van Gogh in Petit-Wasmes and La Maison Van Gogh in Cuesmes (pronounced Wam and Kwèm). A contribution is also planned at the Marcasse mine ruins. The Borinage is a formal industrial region South-West of Mons, Belgium.

    The Borinage was one of the most inspiring regions that Karin Borghouts visited as part of her project Vincent Was Here. Last year she decided to devote a whole photo project to it. This was partly due to a request from cc Colfontaine. Vincent van Gogh spent two years in the Borinage. First he worked as a pastor, then he decided here to become an artist.
    The Borinage, south-west of Mons, is a region with an eventful mining past. The many slagheaps are still visible in the landscape. Karin was attracted by the miners' houses in the hilly lanes, by the ruins of the mines, by the now green terrils, but also and above all by the people. That is why she decided to photograph 'borains' - people from the Borinage - in special places. Since September 2023, Karin has been staying at regular intervals as an artist in residence at the Van Gogh House in Petit-Wasmes.
    30 photos will be on display spread over the two Van Gogh houses. In collaboration with Dieter Demey, a video will be produced.

    With the support of cc Colfontaine, Ville de Mons, Fondation Mons 2025 and Milo-Profi photo lab.

    June 22 > October 13, 2024

    Maison Van Gogh Cuesmes
    3, Rue du Pavillon
    7033 Cuesmes (Mons)

    Tu > Sun : 10 am - 4 pm

    Maison Van Gogh Petit-Wasmes
    221, Rue Wilson
    7340 Petit-Wasmes (Colfontaine)

    Tu > Sun : 10 am - 4 pm after reservation: 0032 (0)492 76 03 03

    Free entrance

    Opening on Saturday 22 June 2024
    From 1 pm at Maison Van Gogh Cuesmes (Mons), Belgique. At 1:30 guidance by the artist.
    From 3 tot 4 pm visit to the ruin of Marcasse, the mine where Van Gogh went down in 1878.
    From 4 pm to 7 pm reception at Maison Van Gogh Petit-Wasmes (Colfontaine), Belgique.

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    You can use a bike and join a guided tour by Visit Mons to Maison Van Gogh Cuesmes, Marcasse and Maison Van Gogh Petit Wasmes. Registration is required. Depart 12:30 at Visit Mons.

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