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Paris Impasse


  • De Morgen by Eric Min, October 22, 2014


    Articles the House - Het huis

    Some articles in newpapers and magazines about the exhibition and publication ‘The house’. A new photography book THE HOUSE is…

  • AAA nr509 FR 0921 cover


    Vincent was here

    Kunstletters (Dutch) 6/2020 (Dutch) Shoot 3/2020 (Dutch) Interview met de werffotograaf - KMSKA (Dutch) Het Brabants Nieuwsblad/De Stem 15/02/2020 (Dutch)…

  • ZAAL Z, dec 2019 - feb 2020

    The renovation of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp

    Citta (Magazine Gazet van Antwerpen) January 15, 2022 - by Frank Heirman ZAAL Z, December 2019 - February 2020, Royal…

  • AU

    Media architecture

    Commissioned photographs for architects, published in architecture magazines, yearbooks, newspapers, on websites and other.De Article HappelCornelisseVerhoeven Architecten, Fierensblokken Download…