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Vooruit 100


  • Vooruit Boek 8175
  • Book published on the occasion of the 100 year Vooruit, Ghent in 2013.
    Vooruit ordered Karin Borghouts in 2012 to photograph the building and the interiors during one year. About 25 pictures of Karin Borghouts among many historical and other pictures are published in the book Vooruit Gent 1913-2013.
    Vooruit Arts Center is a historic complex in the Belgian city of Ghent, Belgium. Vooruit was originally the festival and art center of the Ghent labor movement, with a ballroom, cinema, theater, etc. It is now mainly used for concerts and other cultural events.
    Exhibition May 1 - December 1, 2013 in STAM City museum and Vooruit, Ghent, BE
    Vooruit Gent
    Feestlokaal 1913 - 2013 Kunstencentrum
    Author: Dr. Liesbet Nys
    Graphic design: Pjotr
    Published by Hannibal.
    21 x 14,5 cm
    560 pp
    ISBN 978 90 9137 648 1
    39,50 euro

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