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  • Middelheimcollectie 3564
  • Book about the collection of Antwerp Middelheimmuseum, sculptures and monumental art in a park near the Antwerp town edge.
    Commissioned assignment of 16 photographs of landscapes with sculptures in the park, during the seasons.
    De Middelheimcollectie - The Middelheimcollection
    Dutch and English edition
    Text Menno Meewis
    Essay Johan Pas
    Graphic Design Paul Boudens
    ISBN 978-90-5544-95-1
    Ludion Publishers (sold out)

  • Photo Book Museum De Lakenhal. A Portrait.


    Museum De Lakenhal A Portrait

    ‘Museum De Lakenhal A Portrait’ is a wonderfull Photo Book about the renovated Museum De Lakenhal in Leiden, The Netherlands…

  • VINCENT WAS HERE Book of Photographs by Karin Borghouts

    Vincent was here

    Karin Borghouts followed in Vincent van Gogh’s footsteps, from his Dutch birthplace in Zundert to Auvers-sur-Oise in France where he…

  • 1591872889 20190617134119

    Book architecture and telephony

    In fall 2018 Karin Borghouts and Filip Dujardin were commissioned by Proximus to photograph a number of former RTT buildings…

  • New photobook 2019 ©KBorghouts/BAI Publishers

    Photobook Royal Greenhouses of Laeken

    A new photobook (BAI publishers) in 4 languages is published in April 2019 with text by Irene Smets and Baudouin…