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De grens/La frontière

  • PUB Book De Grens 6755r 20150603175125
  • Catalogue of the exhibition De Grens/La Frontière
    Edited by Herman De Croo Centrum vzw
    ISBN 9789057791369

    Photographs by Michel Castermans, Karin Borghouts, Herman van den Boom, Alexandra Cool, Bieke Depoorter, Pierre-Philippe Hofmann, Rula Halawani, Dara Mc Grath.
    (11 photographs of Karin Borghouts)
    Text in Dutch and French by Frank Vanhaecke (curator BOZAR expo)

    De Grens/La Frontière was a photography exhibition partially in open air in Everbeek-boven and Flobecq and the region there around the language border in Belgium.
    The collaboration between BOZAR, the Herman De Croo Centrum, and the Centre Culturel du Pays des Collines for the organisation of the De Grens/La Frontière exhibition breaks through Belgium’s linguistic frontier at a symbolic moment. This outside project, led by the curator of BOZAR PHOTO, Frank Vanhaecke, has fostered an unusual kind of cooperation between the Flemish and Walloon Regions and between the municipalities of Brakel and Flobecq/Vloesberg. The theme of the exhibition is the frontier itself in all its different aspects.
    Along and across the linguistic frontier, as they wind their way through the breathtaking hilly landscape of the Vlaamse Ardennen-Pays des Collines, visitors – whether travelling by car, by bike, or on foot – can follow a splendid trail that takes in some 70 works by a number of well-known photographers who were asked to reflect on the phenomenon of “frontiers”. Along the way they come across large photographs displayed on panels that are integrated into the landscape. The route starts (or ends) in the picturesque village square of Everbeek-Boven (Brakel) or in the Résidence des Artistes in Flobecq.

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