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On 22 June, a brand new photographic exhibition opens: AU BORINAGE. Past year Karin Borghouts took photographs in this forgotten part of Belgium.
In Nuenen, she photographed The Potato Eaters after Van Gogh, a reconstruction by Kees Rovers.
She also photographed the empty church of Ruisbroek, just before the renovation started.

Gardien Domaine du Levant, Cuesmes © Karin Borghouts, 2024

Au Borinage

From 22 June to 13 October 2024, a new photographic exhibition will be on show in the two Van Gogh houses in the Borinage: La Maison Van Gogh in Petit-Wasmes and in Cuesmes (pronounced Wam and Kwèm). A large photograph will also be exposed at the Marcasse mine ruins.

The Borinage was one of the most inspiring areas Karin Borghouts visited for her Vincent Was Here project. Last year she decided to devote an entire photo project to it. This was partly due to a request from cc Colfontaine.
The Borinage, south-west of Mons, is a region with a strong mining history. This is still visible in the landscape in the form of the many slagheaps. Karin was attracted by the miners' houses in the hilly lanes, the mining ruins, the now green terrils, but above all by the people. This made her decide to photograph Borains - people from the Borinage - in special places. Since September 2023, Karin has been an artist-in-residence at the Van Gogh House in Petit-Wasmes. 30 large-format photographs will be exhibited inside and outside the two Van Gogh houses. A video will be made in collaboration with Dieter Demey.

With the support of cc Colfontaine, Ville de Mons and Fondation Mons 2025.
UV prints and archival pigment prints by Milo-Profi photolab.

Marcasse ruins in Petit-Wasmes Belgium © Karin Borghouts 2024

Where and when?

Welcome to the opening on Saturday 22 June.
If you would like to receive the programme and an invitation for the opening, please send us a message.

Photography Karin Borghouts

From 22 June to 13 October 2024

Maison Van Gogh Cuesmes
3, Rue du Pavillon
7033 Cuesmes (Mons)
tu > sun : 10 am - 3:45 pm

Maison Van Gogh Petit-Wasmes
221, Rue Wilson
7340 Petit-Wasmes (Colfontaine)
tu > sun : 10 am - 4 pm only by reservation on 0492 76 03 03

Info Visit Mons

Press kit on request

Maison Van Gogh Cuesmes and Maison Van Gogh Petit-Wasmes @ the Borinage.

De Aardappeleters

During her photo exhibition at the Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen (NL), Karin Borghouts was invited by Kees Rovers, who lives just across the road. Kees has been collecting the old objects that appear in Van Gogh's paintings for 20 years. At the beginning of May, Karin worked there for three days of still life preparation and photography of these objects. During these days, Kees Rovers made a reconstruction of The Potato Eaters with actors, which Karin then photographed.
See the video here (Dutch 2:30).

Reconstruction of The Potato Eaters by Kees Rovers, photography Karin Borghouts.

The empty church

The long-awaited renovation works, which will reshape Ruisbroek church in Sint-Pieters-Leeuw for the future, have started. This was a unique moment to take pictures of the empty church to preserve it for the future. The cloister that could not be preserved was also captured in photos.
See here

When it comes to photographing churches, Karin Borghouts is not at her tryst. In 2014, commissioned by STAM, she photographed all 46 parish churches of Ghent. In 2018, there was the commission and exhibition Ruysdael and Saenredam at the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar. In 2023, she created a photo essay for Vlaams Bouwmeester, which was published in the book Herscheppen.

The empty church of Ruisbroek, Sint-Pieters-Leeuw ©Karin Borghouts


Watch the the video made by Dieter Demey (9 minutes).
Choose English or Dutch subtitles.

Listen to Kaat Celis' interview with Karin Borghouts via (50 minutes, Dutch).

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