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The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp is open! You can visit The Making Of exhibition. The book KMSKA The Finest Museum is ready. Karin Borghouts' own new photography book A Painter's House is seeing a lot of interest. There are also new architectural projects. Have a nice autumn.

KMSKA ©Karin Borghouts

Opening KMSKA

The Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp was officially opened on September 24th. The stunning architecture, the fantastic collection and the many surprises make this museum an experience not to be missed. Karin Borghouts followed the renovation and new construction from 2011 onwards. A selection of her photos can be seen in the exhibition The Making Of, compiled by KMSKA and KAAN Architects.

Tickets Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp
Leopold de Waelplaats 2 - 2000 Antwerp Belgium

'The Making Of' - KMSKA > 3/9/2023

New book KMSKA museum

On the occasion of the opening of the KMSKA, a new book KMSKA - THE FINEST MUSEUM with more of 150 photographs by Karin Borghouts is published by Hannibal Books in Dutch, English and French versions. Even better is to buy this together with the new collection book KMSKA - THE FINEST HUNDRED.
Order your book online at Hannibal Books

Special edition (signed book + signed and numbered archival pigment print) available in a limited edition of 36 prints (22 x 17 cm, 230 euros).

Order your special edition at Hannibal Books

Book KMSKA (NL, FR, ENG) and special edition

Hot off the press

The photography book A Painter's House depicts the home of the painter Marten Melsen (1870-1947). He was a friend of James Ensor, who called him "le beau peintre des paysans". Around the 1st World War, famous writers, composers and artists came to visit this home, untouched since 1947. This book contains 65 photos by Karin Borghouts and is published by Snoeck Publishers in a graphic design by Jean-Michel Meyers with text by Jan H. Melsen, grandson of the painter.

A Painter's House is a personal initiative of Karin Borghouts in cooperation with the Marten Melsen Foundation.

View the book here

Special edition 3 - A Painter's House, book + print ©Karin Borghouts

A Painter's House

This will be the second book in the same series as THE HOUSE. The concept consists of a series about houses with a soul and a link to painting. Collector's items!

Book (35 euros) or special edition can be ordered through Karin's online store. There are only 30 special editions with print (230 euros).

A PAINTER'S HOUSE + THE HOUSE 60 euro Karin Borghouts, graphic design Jean-Michel Meyers
Special edition 'A Painter's House' 32 x 38 cm - choice of 3 prints

Architecture Campus Cadix

Karin Borghouts photographed Campus Cadix for Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architects.
The project for the new Cadix school campus on the Eilandje in Antwerp Belgium is a complex urban and architectural design task with a long history. The project was implemented in phases from 2017 and will be fully operational from 2022. It involves the integration of two secondary schools and housing in a highly urban port environment. The highly diverse programme components are spread over a large new building block and several existing monumental buildings, all designed by Emiel van Averbeke. The former primary school with kindergarten from 1927 and the former 'recruitment hall for dockworkers' from 1938 or the 'CAD sheds' form the heart of the development. They have been restored, rebuilt and extended.

Look here

Campus Cadix, Korteknie Stuhlmacher Architecten ©Karin Borghouts

Architecture water tower De Reusch

Photography for DEDRIE Architects. The national monumental water tower in Schimmert, The Netherlands, was built in 1926-1927 and designed in Amsterdam school style by Architect Jos Wielders. The redevelopment of this tower involved housing the regional experience and catering concept Eten en drinken van zover je kan kijken. A concept that stands for regional products and awareness of responsible food. Central to the redevelopment was the realisation of an energy-neutral national monument.

Look here.

Renovation watertower De Reusch, Schimmert, NL, DEDRIE Architecten © Karin Borghouts

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