The home, the place where we can safely retreat. It is also the place where our identity becomes visible. Interiors are a favorite subject for photographer Karin Borghouts. A photograph of the interior of the painter Marten Melsen was on display at the Watou Arts Festival in 2019 and inspired a special commission in autumn 2020.

A Painter's House (Marten Melsen), © Karin Borghouts, 2017, 100 x 125 cm

The Final Journey

The interior of a loved one who has passed away. Sometimes it is difficult to part with it. Karin received an assignment from a passionate art lover and collector whose mother passed away. She photographed the interior of this woman who lived to be 93 and whose home remained untouched for several years after her death. The interior is very recognizable to her generation. For the commissioner, these photographs not only form a beautiful memory, but the series has also become an artistic document of a time that is softly, but irrevocably, fading and finally disappearing. This series consists of 11 photos that were bundled in a handmade textile folder. The title 'The Final Journey' is a reference to what this old woman sometimes said: 'Someday I will travel on my own and will never return'.
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Series 'The Final Journey ©Karin Borghouts, 2020, 50 x 40 cm

The House

Photographer Karin Borghouts' own parental home was destroyed by a fire. The tragedy has been over for some time now, but the photographs continue to touch. Despite the feelings of grief, chaos and irrevocability, Borghouts became fascinated by the beauty that the destruction had left behind. Her intuitive decision to capture the charred interior at that moment led to a series of haunting and moving images. The exhibition has already been shown at Villa De Olmen, Breda Photo, Museum Dr. Guislain, among others, and in 2019 at La Maison des Arts Brussels and at Bi Biennale dell'immagine, Galleria ConsArc in Switzerland. Now for the first time in the center of Antwerp, Belgium.

Opening May 13-16 (Antwerp Art Weekend) until June 12, 2021

BEHIND BARS artspace
Otto Veniusstraat 18 - 2000 Antwerp, Belgium
fr-sat 2-6 pm

Exhibitionview La Maison des Arts, Brussels, 'Réparation', 2019

Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp

Works in progress at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp (KMSKA). The second and penultimate phase of this impressive renovation - designed by KAAN Architects - is completed. The large-scale construction work and the finishing touches to the old and new galleries are now complete. Work continues on the scenography, the garden and the office wing. The cornices in the Rubens and Van Dyck rooms will also receive a gold imitation finish. The opening date will be announced one year in advance.
Karin Borghouts has been the site photographer since the start in 2011.

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Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp ©Karin Borghouts, 2020

Commedia dell'arte

The group exhibition Commedia dell'arte in Art Gallery De Mijlpaal, Belgium, aims to cheer people up in strange times.

Funny and serious, entertaining and topical, like the Italian popular theatre. (...) You walk from one surprise to the next and on several occasions existing work suddenly turns out to be bizarrely topical. - Christine Vueghen in Collect.

Art Gallery De Mijlpaal
, Brugstraat 45, Heusden-Zolder, Belgium

Until February 21, 2021. Friday-Saturday-Sunday 2-6 pm.

Gallery De Mijlpaal in 2021 (expo Commedia dell'arte), Heusden-Zolder, BE

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