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On 20 April, the new Van Gogh Village Museum in Nuenen will open, with a new photographic exhibition entitled Vincent was here. The book Atlas Van Gogh in Brabant, photographed by Karin Borghouts, has also been published.
The Royal Greenhouses in Laeken will soon be open to the public. And have you visited the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp?

Basket of Potatoes (after Van Gogh) © Karin Borghouts - Series Vincent was here

Vincent was here in Nuenen

It was in Nuenen, near Eindhoven, that Vincent van Gogh painted his masterpiece The Potato Eaters. There are many places here that remind us of his stay. From April 20, Karin Borghouts is showing her photo exhibition Vincent was here in the Van Gogh Village Museum. This brand new museum, opposite the vicarage, offers much more and is also an ideal starting point for a Van Gogh cycle or walking tour.

Vincent was here - Karin Borghouts
April 20 - October 30, 2023
Van Gogh Village Museum

Berg 29, Nuenen
The Netherlands

The vicarage of Nuenen © Karin Borghouts/Vincent was here

Atlas Van Gogh in Brabant

Vincent van Gogh (1853-1890) spent half his life in Brabant, in the Netherlands. Much of his work is from this region. The book Atlas Van Gogh in Brabant brings these well-known and lesser-known places into the limelight. This book combines old maps, historical images, works by Van Gogh and new photographs by Karin Borghouts with facts about the monuments and background of Vincent van Gogh's life in 19th century Brabant. The book was compiled and written in Dutch by Ron Dirven (Vincent van Gogh Huis Zundert) and Helewise Berger (Het Noordbrabants Museum). Karin Borghouts was commissioned by Van Gogh Brabant to photograph the 46 Van Gogh monuments. This was in response to her own photographic project Vincent was here from which a book was also published (NL, FR, E).

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Eindhoven, NL, Genneper watermill © Karin Borghouts/Van Gogh Brabant

Royal Greenhouses at Laeken

The Royal Greenhouses and Gardens of Laeken in Belgium will be open to the public from 14 April to 7 May 2022. This is definitely one of the most beautiful places that Karin Borghouts has been able to photograph since 2010. The book The Royal Greenhouses of Laeken was published by BAI in 2019 in three languages. There is also a new booklet about the special plants and trees, written by Irene Smets and photographed by Karin Borghouts.

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Royal Greenhouses of Laeken ©Karin Borghouts/BAI

'The Making Of' exhibition at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp

Karin Borghouts has been following the renovation and new construction of the KMSKA, Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, since 2011. Her photographs appeared in the international press worldwide on the occasion of the museum's opening. An overview in 26 large photographs can be seen in the exhibition The Making Of, curated by KMSKA in collaboration with KAAN Architects, until 3 September 2023.

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The book KMSKA - THE FINEST MUSEUM contains around 150 photographs by Karin Borghouts.

A special edition (signed book + signed and numbered print) is available in only 36 copies (22 x 17 cm, 230 euros).

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Books, special editions, postcards, prints and much more are available in the KMSKA SHOP. This can be visited at the KMSKA without a ticket.

©Karin Borghouts/KMSKA

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