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Study objects


We learn from words, but also by observing. We look at reproductions when we study art; we view models, reconstructions and casts to study science. “I got inspired by study items from scientific museums and photographed them in a special way. What happens when a scientific study item moves into another context? What is the relationship between the object itself and the photograph of it? In what way is our perception influenced by presentation, words and surroundings? And how is it influenced by our own background and incidence?” Work in progress.

A first series ‘Study objects’ was made for an exhibition in the Library of Artscience of the University Ghent Belgium (Boekentoren) in 2009 (in collaboration with two museums of the University Ghent.)

Karin Borghouts created the series ‘Rigor Mortis” for the groupexhibition POST MORTEM in 2015 in Ghent (in collaboration with the University Ghent). Art after Death: Post Mortem October 16 - December 20, 2015. UGent, Rommelaere Instituut,Jozef Kluyskensstraat 29, Gent, Belgium

The skeleton was made for a group exhibition in Ostend Belgium within the framework of a James Ensor celebration in 2010.

Groupexhibition The beauty and the beast at Kasteel d’Ursel Hingene (BE) with 6 new photographs by Karin Borghouts. May 25 - October 05, 2017

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